Didn’t I Already Sign The Petition?

As you can imagine, the number of people that are speaking out against the Hall’s snubs is REALLY starting to grow.  Based on this explosive growth, we actually needed to make a couple of changes to the way our petition works.  If you haven’t signed it yet and you’d like to go here to sign it now!  Signing is simply a matter of leaving a comment!

If your signature is not on that page, then it’s very possible that you signed our previous petition located here.

Why the change?  Quite simply… spammers.

We were getting so many spam comments on our first version of the petition that it became a full time job filtering it out.  We want to ensure that we’re giving an accurate representation of the fan’s feelings toward the hall’s snubs.

Thanks for your continue support.  Please continue to share, comment and promote RockSnubs.com!

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