The Original Petition

The Rock Hall is continually behind in inductions and the times. As of now thousands of bands and fan favorites, still being played on the radio are not inducted. Its time us, the fans that support them, sign this petition to get these bands  inducted.




  1. The Raspberries!!!

  2. It seems like the R&R Hall O’ Fame has forgotten that Rock in its ‘teenage years’ during the 60’s and 70’s included lyrics meant to invoke thinking, discussions, or laughter.
    Harry Nilsson (2 Grammys, millions of albums sold)
    Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) amazing lyricist
    Willie Nelson
    Argo Guthrie
    The B-52’s…
    The Monkees
    Rock was fun, melodious, lyrics memorized… Oh yeah, there’s a current group eligible some people may have heard about, Phish.

  3. Gary Puckett And the Union Gap!! Had many hits in the 60’s: Young Girl; Lady Willpower; This Girl Is a Woman Now; Woman, Woman; Over You: and more. Gary has a fantastic singing voice with a phenomenal vocal range. He is still performing. Really should get in before he passes. He’s not sick, though, as far as I know.

  4. The Raspberries!!!

  5. These are some of the most famous bands, and great artist what is the reasoning behind them not being in that Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

  6. Peter Frampton is way overdue! Amazing guitarist singer and performer for over 50 years! Please induct him! Journey and ELO also-original members!’

  7. Biggest snub: The Moody Blues. What madness is keeping them out? Over 50 years in existence, dozens of hits, numerous #1 albums, hits in 3 different decades, still selling out arenas worldwide, major influence on dozens of artists. Vote them in now!

  8. I think that the people who actually pay for the album’s the tickets the concerts t shirts and everything else including merchandise should have a say in who gets into Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, it’s a load of crap that the people who spend their hard earned money to go and see the concerts do not actually get to have a say on who gets inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when they spent all their time as kids growing up listening to the music and trying hard as they can to buy the tickets for as long as two groups have been around, the people need their voice to be heard, thank you for creating this website

  9. foreginer bon jovi huey lewis styx kansas boston

  10. Steve Perry……….the greatest!

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