I want to start an induction to the Rock Hall by Eminent Domain! So with people here in the Rock and Roll Capitol of the World, Cleveland, who feel like I do… we started this website.

If enough people get behind it and we get a huge worldwide petition signed on behalf of the 40 artists, I think they might just have to do it. Get enough attention to pressure them too!!


Are you a blogger?  Do you have your own website?  Podcaster? I am willing to come on your podcast! Please spread the word about Rock Snubs using this banner!

Rock Snubs – An eminent domain petition…

If you’d like to add this banner to your site just copy and past this HTML code. Thanks!

<a href=”https://www.rocksnubs.com/petition/” target=new><img src=”https://www.rocksnubs.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/rocksnubs1.jpg” width=”300″ height=”108″ alt=”Rock Snubs – An eminent domain petition…” border=0></a>


  1. I’m glad that theres a website willing to step up to the plate to give the rock bands that we know and love who are not inducted into clevelands rock and roll hall of fame the realization that they deserve, now we need a website to vote the rap and other groups that don’t need to be in there out of there.

  2. Is there anyone mising from this list that has made a impact of the world of rock. From stage show to the actual put from headphones on and listen intently as not to miss anything in their music. I was shocked to see some of the names on this list but hopefully this will be corrected….

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