What is a Rock Snub?

With the Rock Hall Inductions being shown on HBO, it gives another opportunity to bring up the age old debate of bands snubbed by the Rock Hall Nominating Committee.  We at Rocksnubs.com offer a petition for you to sign to help bring notice to these bands and us fans that want them in the Rock Hall.

Before we talk about what a Rock Snubs, it should be clear that I don’t believe all bands are Rock Hall worthy…if all are worthy, why have a Rock Hall?  First and foremost, they MUST be Rock ‘n’ Roll…so out goes Madonna, Michael Jackson, Abba, Bee Gees and many others…especially lately.  It’s not the Music Hall of Fame, it’s the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Second, the band must be significant in some way to Rock ‘n’ Roll.  That’s very vague and subjective, I know, but that’s where the fun discussions come in as you defend your picks.

So, just what exactly is a Rock Snub? The definition may vary depending on who you ask, so I’ll give you my version.  Here are my criteria for a band to be snubbed:

1. Band is eligible for induction (25 years since first release).
2. Band has been passed over for at least three years (few get in on the first time out…except Guns ‘n’ Roses).
3. A completely non-deserving band (see examples above) has been inducted since snubbed band has been eligible.
4. Bands that have been influenced by snubbed band are already in.
5. Bands must be Rock ‘n’ Roll!  (Sorry, but it bears repeating)

My theory (or at least my hope) on the Rock Hall nominating committee snubbing bands (in most cases) is that they are trying to build conversation, debate, arguments, etc. with the goal being to build up hype through outrage until finally letting the band in.  They just haven’t figured out when they’ve let it go too long.  First, it was Black Sabbath. Now, the two most prominent bands are Kiss and Rush.  Without a doubt, both of them will get in eventually…and it will be HUGE when they do.  I’m actually hoping they wait three more years, so the inductions will be in Cleveland when they both get in (along with Deep Purple, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi and Cheap Trick…What? An all-rock induction year? Hey, I can hope just like everyone else!).

For a list of bands that are considered snubbed (and I don’t agree with all of them), check out “The Bands” page. Also, sign the petition while you’re here and tell us who you want to see inducted.

And, just so you don’t think all is hopeless and some of these bands will never make it in…have patience. Once they get past the grunge bands of the ‘90’s (the few deserving bands of that group…), there won’t be many rock bands to induct, so they’ll almost HAVE to do some catch up.  Other than the Foo Fighters, it’s going to be a tough argument for most of today’s bands.  Sorry, Nickelback and all similar bands, you’ve done nothing to elevate music. All you’ve done is lower the standards of what constitutes good rock music.

Thanks for your continued support.  Please continue to share, comment and promote RockSnubs.com!  In other words, be vocal!  Take a couple seconds to tell us what you think!

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