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The Rock Hall is continually behind in inductions and the times. As of now thousands of bands and fan favorites, still being played on the radio are not inducted. Its time us, the fans that support them, sign this petition to get these bands  inducted.

“We the People of the Rock and Roll Capitol of the World and the fans of Rock all over the world hereby decree…
We want The Bands in our Rock Hall Immediately”


Leave a comment below to sign the petition!  Let your voice be heard!!!

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  1. Let’s not forget Johnny Rivers!

  2. Jeannine Kennedy

    Judas Priest, Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Lemmy Kilmister Motorhead should have been inducted a LONG LONG time ago. It really is shameful the R&R Hall of Fame really needs to get it together. They should be embarrassed.

  3. I was appalled when she wasn’t even included a few years back in the woman that rocked display. She is so worthy! Major influence to those of us women who have rocked ever since.

  4. Ted Nugent, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Peter Frampton, Iron Maiden, Grand Funk, EXT……..
    Come ON!!!!!!! Get with it Hall of Fame!
    And had the nerve to put Rappers before these and many other bands!!!!!!!

  5. Barbara-Jo Kruczek

    How could Connie Francis, the original golden girl of rock and roll on recordings and in films, not already have been inducted into the Hall. She was a megastar of her day and as far as her fans are concerned, she still and will always be a megastar. She has suffered enough tragedy in her life. Induct her before it is too late for her to get the accolades she deserves.

  6. Little Feat
    Harry Nilsson
    Dire Straits
    Jimmy Buffett
    Los Lobos

  7. I cannot let a list of the bizarre omissions from the Rock Hall be presented without adding Moody Blues to the list.

  8. Kenneth Michael

    Boston, Blood Sweat and Tears, Journey, Bad Company, Styx, Ted Nugent? Where the heck are they at?

  9. Would somebody please explain to me why Grand Fu

    • Would somebody please explain to me why the hell has Grand Funk Railroad not been inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame? They were a phenomenal rock band in the late ’60s and ’70s, I just do not understand how they have been overlooked, especially with some of the groups being inducted are not even close to being a rock and roll band!!ex.(NWA) C’mon people, get your shit together and put GFR IN THE HALL OF FAME where they should have been years ago!!

  10. Where in the hail are all these female performers at? Two years ago Joan Jett got it. Not a female performer this year. Sexist is what they are. They need to increase the amount of performers to induct into it. Some of this year’s choices were mediocre in comparison to many of the greats who ain’t even in here yet…Why isn’t that talented woman in there, aint it about time you got Sister Rosetta Tharpe all up in there. Just a buncha white, rich men, older then muh titties. Yeah, I said that. That’s what they are akin to anyways. Now, maybe I have yer attention. Time to get yer acts together and make this right. Women rock, R&B, rap, hip/hop, soul, country. Hunny we do it all…

  11. george andrew warren

    on behalf of the parrotheads….Jimmy Buffett….what a career. Still rockin’..fantastic shows! Sells out in hours. Get with the program rhof!

  12. Am I the only one that thinks Steppenwolf should be in the Hall? Totally think they have been forgotten.

  13. Peter Frampton is way overdue to be inducted!! ELO also!! Journey- original

  14. Phish needs inducted.

  15. Journey
    Def Leppard
    all of these bands should be in the hall of fame!!!!

  16. GRAND FUNK RAILROAD where are they??

  17. The Doobie Brothers,The Moody Blues,ELO,Grand Funk,Yes,The CArs and America desserve to get in.

  18. We need a name change!!! It should be MUSIC HALL OF FAME. When way to many real Rocking Roll bands get snubbed it’s a OUT CRY to do something!! Bad Company also has been snubbed way to long

  19. The biggest joke is the Moody Blues not being in the Hall of Fame. They are still performing at a high level after 50+ years. There are other obvious snubs but they are the worst.

  20. The Moody Blues? Are you kidding me? The Hall of Fame is the biggest joke. I just saw them two weeks ago; Sold Out. Guess I have no reason to visit the hall of fame.

  21. The Moody Blues? Are you kidding me? The Hall of Fame is the biggest joke. I just saw them two weeks ago; Sold Out.

  22. These groups need to be added to the hall now.

    Moody Blues, The Cars, Yes, John Coltrane, kate bush, Scorpions, Def Leppard, Jethro Tull, Bon Jovi, Duran Duran, Kraftwerk, Robert Plant solo artist,

  23. Ditto for Def Leppard and Bon Jovi!

  24. Journey should have been in a long time ago!

  25. I agree with some of these bands the others I don’t agree with being because I have never listened to them but you’d think that some of these Big Sellers who were highly influential like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest would get inducted into the hall of fame but no

  26. The “Rock ‘N Roll” Hall of Fame needs to get their heads out of their asses and induct Grand Funk Railroad. GFR helped to define 1970s ROCK, and yet “artists” like Britney Spears and rap morons are in? RRHOF sucks. THE NAME OF THE BUILDING IS THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME…NOT “WHATEVER KIND OF MUSIC A BUNCH OF ELITIST SNOBS ELECTS TO INCLUDE”

    • Uh, Britney isn’t even eligible….
      The rap ‘morons’ will continue to make the ballot, because Rock & roll evolves — something the Grand Funk nimrod morons can’t do.

      Lots of bashing and bitching here. Real change comes about through intelligent debate and conversation. Making your voice heard in the right arena. And leave the name calling back to the grade school playground.

  27. rory Gallagher, alex Harvey band,

    • Rory Gallagher rolled out one of the best live performances I have ever seen. The rockers he influenced is unbelievable. He has my vote!

  28. The Monkeys? Please, The Tubes right now….period! Duran Duran? Ha ha! Please, stop the madness! Hell, we had to wait until Elton spoke up for Leon Russell to get in. Styx, Journey no, maybe posthumously. Monkeys….never! No contrived bands.

    • The point is The MonkeEs weren’t content to just be a “contrived” band. Since they were using their real names & being shown playing their instruments, they demanded to live up to that–Mike & Peter had already been working on musical careers, anyway, Mickey was a quick learner on drums & Davy mostly contributed percussion. This was not only as portrayed on the show, but they made a point of practicing together as a real band, so they could silence all their critics. They even campaigned successfully to go out on tour & they also chose an as-yet mostly unknown Jimi Hendrix & his band to be their opening act. Monkees fans weren’t impressed & Hendrix & the guys left the tour. The Monkees understood. They finally got Don Kirschner fired & became a more self-contained band, but their reputation now preceded them (& apparently still does for some people). None other than Frank Zappa appeared on their TV show & also made a cameo appearance in their movie “Head”, along with Terry Garr (her acting debut & the last time she spelled her name that way), Toni Basil (who did a song & dance number with Davy), Sonny Liston, Victor Mature & Annette Funicello. Meanwhile, up-&-comer Jack Nicholson himself co-produced the movie with first-time director Bob Rafelson (who had been one of the TV show’s producers). The two of them & all four Monkees wrote the script, with Nicholson giving it a final polishing up, while two of the film’s songs were written by Peter & one by Mike. The following year, Nicholson became a big star in “Easy Rider”, which was executive produced by Bert Schneider (the other producer of The Monkees TV show), while Rafelson went uncredited as an additional producer. “Head” is VERY different from the show. Any young kids who managed to get in to see it (it was rated “M” for “suggested for Mature audiences only”) were surely puzzled & didn’t get what they’d hoped for–they probably didn’t even understand the point of it. It’s grown to be a cult classic & finally has even been put out by The Criterion Collection. I wonder if Jann Wenner knows any of this…

  29. The nominating people have been biased (Wenner!) and wrong for many years. Major change needed.

  30. MEGA BANDS who should be IN based solely on only 1 of their many awesome albums. Journey-Escape Meatloaf-Bat Out Of Hell Styx-Grand Illusion Scorpions-Blackout Moody Blues-Days Of Future Past Jethro Tull-Aqualung The Cars-Self Titled ELO-Out Of The Blue Doobie Brothers-Toulouse Street Supertramp-Crime Of The Century Yes-Fragile. Being Canadian I just have to throw in Barenaked Ladies-Gordon. And On and On it goes. It’s sounds like after they voted for ABBA someone must have made a motion to move directly to the 80’s thinking that they represented 70’s rock and roll. After they finally get these bands their due, what will they do to find a footprint in the Hall to give these bands some space of their own for a display? I think we’re all very much on the same page based on the comments I’ve read. Keep on getting the message out.

  31. America

  32. I cannot understand how in the world The MOODY BLUES, are not in the R&R HOF. This is such a disgrace! They have met ALL of the criteria. There’s only a handful of bands that can match this band,for longevity,record sales,for the most part it’s been the same line-up? Again they’ve got the creds! PUT THEM IN,BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!


  34. two of the greatest although completely different snubs are JETHRO TULL and JOHNNY MAESTRO

  35. Chicago,The Doobie Brothers,The Cars,The Moody Blues

  36. Chicago,The Moody Blues,The Doobie Brothers,Grand
    Funk,ElO,The Cars,Cheap Trick,The Steve Miller Band,

  37. Joey Dee & The Starliters
    * Jimi Hendrix playing guitar for The Starliters
    * Oscar Winner Joe Pesci playing guitar for The Starliters
    * The Beatles – Opening act for Joey Dee & The Starliters

  38. What about the SCORPIONS amazing band. They should have been in a long time ago.

  39. SUZI QUATRO! First female to front a male band wearing leather and swinging a bass guitar. She paved the way for many female rock and rollers. She was a big influence and is still having major success and performing live at 64!!! She is true to her music and true to her fans, she deserves a nomination!

  40. Just to add…MERIT!MERIT!MERIT!

  41. No Chicago? Absolutely ridiculous!Take the politics out of it. Change something!!!!

    • Change something? It’s past that. They’ve chosen a few nominees this year that aren’t awful, but it doesn’t change the situation that the Rock HOR does not preserve the excitement of the Rock Eras of the 50s, 60s and 70s. There’s just not that kind of immersion. I’ve reached a point of saying someone should start over and have a Rock Hall that’s about the music and the way it impacted our lives in specific times. You just can’t undo the number of musicians that have been inducted that would never be in a real Rock HOF. (grrr……)

  42. I don’t know that I can make any comments that haven’t already been made. The RNRHOF has made it clear that they aren’t interested in making some of the most deserving inductions. We can only keep trying to shame them into acknowledging & correcting so many glaring/overdue omissions, such as Todd Rundgren, Weird Al & The Monkees (my top choices among the still unrecognized).


  44. I do not agree with all of them but I am 95% down with this since 95% of them are real Rock-N-Roll musicians (Janet Jackson, really?)

    • Yes, really to Janet Jackson. To say she doesn’t rock is a foolish statement.

      Other females who deserve induction include PJ Harvey, Bjork, Kate Bush, Sade. Carly Simon is on the fence — and the grossly overrated Pat Benatar will hopefully continue to wait on the sidelines. Give me Cyndi Lauper or Benatar any day.

  45. Induct the CARS already , they are way overdue , so are Yes, they shouldve been inducted years ago along with Blue Oyster Cult, ELO, Grand Funk Railroad , Bachman Turner Overdrive , The Guess Who and the Zombies

    • Are there no Canadians in the RHF in Cleveland? The Guess Who, BTO, LONG LONG overdue. What can we do to rectify this snub?

  46. This is nothing more than a pet project for Jann Wenner who hand picks his own favorite performers etc. The fact that this jackass has been inducted only proves my point that this is not only a joke but a big ego satisfying project that will keep worthy bands out of the RRHOF. He already stated that he hates prog rock and the Moody Blues – So don’t ever expect to see them inducted along with Jethro Tull and God forbid Yes.

  47. The Rock & Roll HOF is lazy, they just stay in bed!
    They don’t want my money, they don’t want no bread.
    Well my trying ain’t done no good.
    I said my trying ain’t done no good!
    They don’t make no effort, no not like they should.
    I might consider a visit to the hall, if Deep Purple and Moody Blues induct in 2016. Otherwise, forget it, I’m getting too damn old.

  48. Chicago Yes Journey Bon Jovi Moody Blues

    all these groups and Chubby Checker

    Lesley Gore Pat Benatar NOT FAIR”

  49. ndChicago Yes Journey Snubbed also all these
    bands should be in the Rock and Hall of Fame
    If Green Day made it this year Why not
    all these baorends and these Chubby Checker
    and Lesley Gore get in NOT FAIR NOT FAIR

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