Rock Hall Nominations – Could They Finally Get Something Right?

Here we are again…Rock Hall Inductee nominations.  The annual snubbing season has begun so let everyone vent for their favorite acts that were ignored again (Kiss, Bon Jovi, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Iron Maiden, etc.).  I’m including myself in that venting.  So, what did the Rock Hall get right and wrong this year?  It’s a banner year as they managed to nominate three bands that actually deserve to be inducted:  Heart, Deep Purple and Rush!  That of course means that there’s no way all three actually get voted in.  The rest…well, let’s just say it’s another head-shaking year of nominations.

So, here’s how I break down the nominees:

  • The No Brainers (self explanatory, but includes all the bands that should have been in long ago): This includes the three mentioned above.
  • Tolerable (bands that wouldn’t be my first choice, but can tolerate them making it in): Public Enemy – I normally wouldn’t support a rap group making it for the simple fact that it’s not rock, but Public Enemy has influenced a few rock and metal bands while helping shape rap music.
  • Token artists (usually leftover bands from the 50’s-60’s that weren’t good enough to make it before now and it’s arguable if they deserve it): The Marvelettes – token 60’s girl group, Albert King – token blues player (how about Stevie Ray Vaughn instead?)
  • The Yawns (bands that are nothing outstanding – bland, one-hit wonders, many more other bands more deserving, etc.): Joan Jett and Procol Harem
  • The Look How Hip The Board Is (bands that most people don’t know much about, but the board thinks it makes them look hip by including them): Kraftwerk
  • The Have No Business Even Being In Any Type Of Inductee Discussion (self explanatory):  The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Can anyone name a single song?, Chic/Donna Summer – Ridiculous…, The Meters – WHO?, Randy Newman – that’s a joke, right?, NWA – Rap is not rock. Period.

So, my categorizations notwithstanding, who do I think make it in?

  • Heart – I think the biggest snub of any of the nominated bands last year and more deserving than any of the bands that actually got in last year. I don’t see them making that mistake again.
  • Rush – They’ve been nominated and passed over before, but I think the public outcry has been loud enough to get them in this time. Knowing that Kiss and Rush have been the biggest snubs, they go with their view of the lesser of two evils to try to avoid this year’s village mob carrying torches and pitchforks.
  • Public Enemy – Hopefully, but probably not, the last rap group to make it in the Rock Hall.
  • Albert King – There’s always a blues guy that makes it in.  Who inducts them this year?  Keith Richards? Billy Gibbons? They seem to alternate.
  • The Marvelettes – Another genre that always seems to make it in every year. Didn’t they get them all yet?
  • Donna Summer – Again, second year in a row nominated.  I think they put her in and make way too big a deal about it…

Unfortunately, I don’t think Deep Purple gets inducted. I just can’t see the Rock Hall being smart enough to put the three No Brainers in and I think Deep Purple is the odd band out.  There’s been a lot of buzz about them not being inducted by recent inductees. That, and because of Jon Lord’s recent passing, I think they wanted to give them a nod, but I don’t think they’ll actually induct them…confusing and infuriating rock fans still.

So, as usual, I know you all have thoughts on the nominees and the snubs, so let me know what you think.  Agree with me? Disagree?  Who do you think gets in?  Who’s your biggest snub?

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  1. Rush has never been nominated, then Electric Light Orchestra came first so they should be in before Kiss, Rush, Heart and Procol Harum!

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