The Petition

The Rock Hall is continually behind in inductions and the times. As of now thousands of bands and fan favorites, still being played on the radio are not inducted. Its time us, the fans that support them, sign this petition to get these bands  inducted.

“We the People of the Rock and Roll Capitol of the World and the fans of Rock all over the world hereby decree…
We want The Bands in our Rock Hall Immediately”


Leave a comment below to sign the petition!  Let your voice be heard!!!

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  1. ndChicago Yes Journey Snubbed also all these
    bands should be in the Rock and Hall of Fame
    If Green Day made it this year Why not
    all these baorends and these Chubby Checker
    and Lesley Gore get in NOT FAIR NOT FAIR

  2. Chicago Yes Journey Bon Jovi Moody Blues

    all these groups and Chubby Checker

    Lesley Gore Pat Benatar NOT FAIR”

  3. The Rock & Roll HOF is lazy, they just stay in bed!
    They don’t want my money, they don’t want no bread.
    Well my trying ain’t done no good.
    I said my trying ain’t done no good!
    They don’t make no effort, no not like they should.
    I might consider a visit to the hall, if Deep Purple and Moody Blues induct in 2016. Otherwise, forget it, I’m getting too damn old.

  4. This is nothing more than a pet project for Jann Wenner who hand picks his own favorite performers etc. The fact that this jackass has been inducted only proves my point that this is not only a joke but a big ego satisfying project that will keep worthy bands out of the RRHOF. He already stated that he hates prog rock and the Moody Blues – So don’t ever expect to see them inducted along with Jethro Tull and God forbid Yes.

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