The Petition

The Rock Hall is continually behind in inductions and the times. As of now thousands of bands and fan favorites, still being played on the radio are not inducted. Its time us, the fans that support them, sign this petition to get these bands  inducted.

“We the People of the Rock and Roll Capitol of the World and the fans of Rock all over the world hereby decree…
We want The Bands in our Rock Hall Immediately”


Leave a comment below to sign the petition!  Let your voice be heard!!!

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Responses to “The Petition”

  1. Patricia Kellogg says:

    I wanna start an induction to the Rock Hall by Eminent Domain! So with people here in the Rock and Roll Capitol of the World, Cleveland, who feel like I do we started this website.

    If enough people get behind it and we get a huge worldwide petition signed on behalf of the 40 artists, I think they might just have to do it. Get enough attention to pressure them too!!

  2. Kevin Lynch says:

    These bands are all originals and important in their individual genres. They deserve to be in the hall

  3. Amo Bennett says:

    Every band listed is deserving, and long overdue

  4. Jake Baron says:

    I support the efforts of this petition.

  5. Will Getz says:

    Yes, these bands are long overdue. Catch-up mode… Now!!!

  6. Douglas Bowden says:

    These original bands represent a time when music radio and concerts were really just beginning to make an impression on culture, those played a very important part in our lives still today. Now Rock, Rythm & Blues, Urban and Jazz concerts and a Multi-billion dollar industry. These Bands deserve their place in Rock Hall History for reconigtion marking the beginning of an original music movement that is ver so thriving still today WORLDWIDE!

  7. Ewsil Mawdebe says:

    Sign the Fucking thing !!

  8. Doug says:

    IUm all for the idea of this document.

  9. Michael says:

    Good list, but what about Jethro Tull?

    • iuchewie says:

      @Michael – I couldn’t agree with you more. Jethro Tull DEFINITELY deserves to be in. I remember very fondly falling in love with Thick As A Brick in college and it was all over for me.

  10. Fred says:

    I am shocked that these bands have been snubbed, it’s a disgrace and these bands need to be recognized now before they are forgotten – (Hopefully that will never be)

  11. Cate Allan says:

    A new article about the petition:
    Music Fans Protest Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees for 2012

  12. RokDrummer says:

    Ive added my electronical signature to the petition when I read the list I was appalled at who hadnt been inducted this is so needed but sadly it is needed I guess its just about the money over at the Hall or is it about the rock and roll?

  13. Josefina Lizandro says:

    These people making these choices need to go. It is clearly they are not doing their job. They have taken the liberty that belongs to the people that pay, support, love, these bands. They have taken the people’s voice and the people must get it back, don’t let the freedom of choice be taken away by these people, vote and be heard and if not then protest/boycott.

  14. get real says:

    Um, hello? What about Linda Ronstadt?

    She was The Queen of Rock in the 1970s who was the FIRST female solo artist to pack stadiums and was hands down the most successful female star of the 1970s, and whose career as a rock and pop singer has lasted from the late 1960s to today.

    Folk, Country, Country-Rock, Pop-Rock, Rock, New Wave, Big Band, Operetta, Broadway, Mariachi, Salsa, she’s done it all.

    The excuse used against her that she wasn’t a songwriter or covered other songs would exclude more than half of the inductees already in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame.

    As far as innovation goes, David Bowie and Madonna and Prince and Elvis Costello are all lauded by the critics for changing styles and taking chances. When Linda does it, she’s criticized for being topical, superficial, fickle, dilletantish, and cashing in.

    It’s ridiculous that artists whom I like -U2, the Beastie Boys, The Pretenders, Springsteen, Guns ‘n Roses, et al, who came on the scene years after Ronstadt, are already in the hall, but not her.

    And other artists who are great in their own right but not rock ‘n rollers, like Aretha Franklin, Joni Mitchell, Diana Ross and Madonna, are in but Ronstadt isn’t.

    What does Rolling Stone have against female rockers of the 1970s and 1980s? Ronstadt, Heart, Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, and Stevie Nicks are not in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame.

    What’s the problem?

  15. larry jester says:

    Yeah,let’s wait until some of our musical treasures are dead and we will never get a chance to see them get their just desserts that we should see them get.

  16. Chewie says:

    @larry jester – well said. We definitely need to take action now before it’s too late!

  17. Patricia Metal Goddess Kellogg says:

    we are starting with this 50, and will start another 50 when we turn these in. What we are trying to do is get everyone in but at the snail rate they have been induction they are 10′s of thousands behind so I fugure 50 a year should be a good start.

    • ROBERT says:

      AGREED! Most of us will probably be dead and buried before our fav. band gets inducted. ROCK ON D.P., KISS, THE HAT, PAUL ROGERS and B.C. and ANNE and NANCY!Along with dozens of others! I mean Z.Z.TOP before KISS and DEEP PURPLE?

  18. Glenn Hartong says:

    Wow. I had assumed most of these bands were already in! I most definitely support this petition. How can KISS not be in already?

  19. Tom G says:

    Many of these bands are deserving. I can probably think of another 15-20 who could be inducted.

  20. Carl Durham says:

    Kiss and Rush should be inducted TODAY. the others on the list should be considered as well. how can their track record of sucess and influence be ignored? you dont have to like them to see the facts and admit the truth.

  21. Chris Kidd says:

    I support this petition. Several of the bands listed have musicians that are in the top ten all time in their specific instruments. Many blazed the trail that current members followed. Leave the corporate politics out of it.

  22. Stuart says:

    Judas Priest!!!!

  23. Deb says:

    really ZZ TOP before kiss???

  24. Franky Baby says:

    Slighting Rush and Deep Purple is a crime against Humanity.

  25. Barbara Norris says:

    All the bands mentioned should have been inducted into the Rock Hall lonnnnggggg before Madonna and Abba. A crime indeed.

  26. Eileen Sykes says:

    I am very surprised that a number of very influential bands hae not been inducted. Deep Purple’s innovative techniques and singer rated as one of the top ten voices in rock and roll demonstrate that it is high time this band was recognized!

  27. Maidenian666 says:

    Sheer nonsense the absurd absence of such Heavy Metal icons such as IRON MAIDEN and Judas Priest..I want them in!!

  28. Stuart says:

    Judas Priest, KISS, RUSH, and Moody Blues RIGHT NOW !

  29. Stuart says:

    Deep Purple too!!

  30. CT says:

    Can U believe that the Pretty Things,Troggs,Golden Earring,Seeds,Beau Brummels, and Them have been overlooked?.

  31. Eric Litwiller says:

    Considering previous entrants? No offense to anyone mentioned or not-mentioned, but if Blondie .. The Pretenders….Traffic ..(the list goes on) make the cut? Considering the sample sizes of these and so many more artists already inducted, there are SO MANY acts that have been overlooked. Major snubs that are obvious to anyone with common sense include .. Kiss, Deep Purple, Yes, Rush, Moody Blues, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Cheap Trick, The Cars etc … Obviously the ridiculous bias of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock is blatant and ignorant. Specifically … Iron Maiden – Rush – Kiss – Deep Purple. I can only think that it was conspired long ago by the people behind The supposed Hall of Fame that you cant induct one of these, or you would have to induct all. Hopefully a time will come when it truly is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  32. davittslat says:

    Kiss, Rush, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Styx, Boston, Heart, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Jim Keltner, Wolfman Jack, Donna Summer, Hall and Oates, Rick Rubin, Megadeth, The Cure, Willie Nelson, New Order, The Smiths

  33. Devon Balent says:

    Up the Irons!

  34. Neil says:

    D-E-V-O deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Who will ever EVER! forget about those energy dome hats, the yellow radiation suits and the robotic jerky movements that they do on stage and overall inventions that they have done to their instruments? A band way ahead of their time, they are also one of the first groups to go wireless on stage and they have a hit song “Whip It” that EVERYONE on this PLANET EARTH loves!!! (Not to mention this group has bunch of other great songs as well.) They were about de-evolution and the funny thing is —– 30 years later—–THEY WERE RIGHT!!!!!!

    In short, I will sum it up with this: YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!…..YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!
    (youtube DEVO’s Uncontrollable Urge and you will know what I mean. One of the best rock performances I have ever seen.)

  35. Lara Bailey says:

    Weird Al Yankovic Needs to in the rock and roll hall of fame! His career has outlived most musicians he’s parodied! He also write many timeless original songs as well!!!! The monkey’s need to be in there as well.

  36. Ryan says:

    Rush, kiss, Maiden. This should be a no-brainer. Obviously selection committee has no brains

  37. Jamie S. says:

    Some REAL rockers:
    Steppenwolf (A no-brainer, wrote the anthem for an entire segment of the population as well as selling millions more records than many bands already in the “Hall”)
    Spirit (One of the premier bands of the sixties, when Rock was saved from becoming Elvis in Vegas)
    13th Floor Elevator/Roky Erickson (If you have to ask, you are on the wrong site)
    Paul Revere and the Raiders (If it wasn’t for the goofy costumes, they’d be recognized as one of the heaviest bands of the Sixties (Kicks, Hungry, Good Thing, Just Like Me…)
    Dire Straits (another no-brainer)
    And maybe even Blue Cheer, the FIRST heavy-metal band, virtually invented Acid Rock)

  38. Mike says:

    Holy gamole! Those kooks at the R’n’R H.O.F. aught to have their ears and history books checked!

  39. Kirby Cosyns says:

    It’s incomprehensable that Jethro Tull, primarily Ian Anderson and Martin Barre, have not been inducted. Ian Anderson is one of THE most talented musicians (he plays at least a half dozen instruments, prolific on the flute and acoustic guitar) and composers in the past 45 years, and he’s still writing music and selling out shows. If you haven’t seen his collaboration with orchestras, search YouTube for orchestral Aqualung or Bouree. The guy is a musical genius with more talent than MANY inductees. It’s time Jethro Tull was ackknowledged for their contribution.

  40. Chewie says:

    @Kirby – couldn’t agree with you more. Jethro Tull should be inducted on the strength of “Think As A Brick” alone!!!

  41. ROBERT says:

    DEEP PURPLE, the band that practically created hard rock and boosted early metal…..still not in? What are these people thinking? KISS still not in? Absurd! BAD COMPANY?, FOGHAT? All 70′s giants! Thi is quite disturbing to most.

  42. Charlie says:

    There are several not mentioned on the list who should have been there 20 years ago!! Grand Funk Railroad, Yes, Uriah Heep, other mentioned such as Deep Purple, Foghat, Chicago, Kiss, Boston. There are others I would thing deserve to be inducted as well…….I can’t understand for the life of me why people who are in charge of such things are not musicians..if that is the case what is the use of having a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame if it’s politics in which it has NO Place in the RRHOF. I’m I wrong here????
    Thanks for listening………

  43. ANDY H. ALEXANDER says:


  44. Ryan W. says:

    Anyone who has lived these days have at least heard of most if not all of the bands listed. The ROCK AND ROLL Hall of Fame needs to stop inducting rap, hip hop and pop bands and start inducting the real rockers.

  45. Mike S says:

    Long live The Moody Blues! They belong in the Hall of Fame.

  46. Matthew Peacock says:

    Lets not forget Ronnie James Dio (if he is eligable)and Pantera R.I.P Dimebag and Ronnie

  47. Don says:

    The Moody Blues MUST be inducted into the Hall.

  48. Don says:

    Induct the Moody Blues!

  49. Paul Winston says:

    With unparalleled talent,the fact that Yes isn’t in the Hall yet is illogical and ludicrous.

  50. Nick Moran says:

    An induction of Ronnie James Dio into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is LONG OVERDUE.

  51. Kevin Dell says:

    I learned about the Rock Hall last year when I heard of METALLICA’S induction and their subtle plea to have more of their influences inducted (Black Sabbath being the sole metal act).

    On researching the list of previous inductees, and the more reading I do into its history, the more upset and angry I am becoming at the blatant omissions, namely:


    Somebody needs to seriously give those old fogies a damn good shake, if I got hold of one of them God help me I would probably choke the life out of the old codger!

  52. Dave Steiner says:

    My Top 5 Snubs

    Deep Purple
    Judas Priest
    Iron Maiden
    The Flaming Lips

  53. Brandon Smith says:


    That is all.

  54. Dennis Ruckert says:

    Deep Purple should have been in the hall 15 years ago.Ritchie Blackmoore the best lead guitarist ever.

  55. Kay Wightman says:

    Steve Perry with Journey and without Journey should be inducted, because he is the best singer in the world, in every song he has sung.

  56. Gail says:

    I was more influenced by the group BOSTON than any other band. I think Brad Delp was a genius. He was caring and performed many benefit concerts for charities. What is wrong with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame committee?

  57. Chris Perry says:

    Cheap Trick, Kiss and Boston. Come on people, this is rock and roll!

  58. Steve DellaSala says:

    It’s a disgrace to music that ELP, Yes and King Crimson are not in the R&R Hall of Fame.

  59. Cris says:

    Their music is so wonderful and has meant so much to so many people. In a word…it’s time!

  60. Mike says:

    Gene Simmons birthday is in 9 days, too bad he can’t celebrate it by having KISS inducted into the hall of fame or since they aren’t in it yet maybe it should be changed to the hall of shame. ABBA made it before KISS, give me a break … how many songs does ABBA have that the normal person recognizes … two?

  61. Joe V says:

    Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Motorhead!!!!

  62. Billimus J says:

    Devo, Weird “Al” and the Monkees should be in there for sure! Not sure why the leaders in there generes have not made it. RNRHF, get over yourself and let the influential bands in!

  63. Ronnie says:

    This irks me! So many of the bands listed in the “40″, plus many more, deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. Axl Rose brought up a good question… “what is it”? Well, we know what it is, but if it’s to remain “what it is” and have any legitimacy, they need to not snub at bands & artists that are BEYOND deserving. What are the rules to be considered, nominated, inducted? Rock N Roll & 25 years? Apparently there are more rules & guidelines we don’t know about. The committee is becoming a clique. A league of their own deciding “who is” and “who isn’t”. You may not like a particular band that is deserving, but you have to respect their contributions and impact. KISS, for example. The HOF’s “higher-ups” said they’re nothing more than a comic book band with the same 3 chord riffs. Well that’s not true. Also, the early 50′s/60′s doo-wop era was around 3-4 riffs. No one can deny the impact KISS has made on several generations. Their fans are die-hard and for good reason. Name me one band that is like KISS. Name one band that is like The Beatles (not comparing KISS to The Beatles). Kiss distinguished themselves and did something different, that hadn’t been done before and sounding like no one else.

    The HOF leader says they aren’t turning the HOF into American Idol. Ok, I can accept that. But why just completely disregard public opinion entirely? Who do bands and artists make music for? Themselves and us, the fans. No one else. There was a time, unlike today, where making music was about the music and not the $$. The music and the tours were for the fans… it had an impact on the fans. KISS, just one of many bands/artists, have dedicated themselves to their fans. It’s not about how many hits, or how many records. It’s about the contribution and the impact and the fact that these bands are still around. That’s saying something. That, in my book, makes them eligible to be nominees. But to make it their personal mission not to induct KISS, ignore the tens of thousands of emails, letters and outcries for them to have their day with the HOF is wrong.

  64. Mary Ann Leonard Sisneros says:

    Listening to Def Leppard since I was 8, now I’m 40 with a 21,18,16yr old kids who know more about Def Leppard than they do homework. This band has saved my life a few times and I know there’s many more who agree with me. I’ve even met them,unfortunately not Steve. They’re apart of my life and always will be.Who couldn’t look at Rick Allen and be inspired? So much tragedy for them, for them just trying to give others a good time and bring joy to others which they do. Please please please put them and these other bands into the Hall of Fame, they deserve it, if u don’t think so then get ur butts off ur chairs go outside and ask the fans. The REAL people who’s opinions count.

  65. Karen Hensley says:

    I have been listening to Def Leppard since I was a teenager, I’m in my 40′s now, and I really believe they deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! They have been thru so much tragedy, and they stayed together,and their music is amazing, PLEASE listen To the fans!!

  66. Doyle says:

    Yea I’ve been wondering for years if its possible to establish our own hall of fame I wouldn’t want to be in the same museum or what ever as people that are not rock or are there with little or no talent

  67. Jo-Ann says:

    The E Street Band, best band ever, greatest live show!! Come on people you induct Bruce without his band…REALLY why?

  68. LisaRose Blanchette says:

    Los Lobos. I mean, really.

  69. Patrick McDonald says:

    I’d sign only if the most deserving band was on the list and they are not. Let’s get JETHRO TULL inducted !!!! Even if Ian doesn’t care.

    • Kent Barclay says:

      Finally, someone else who thinks Jethro Tull should be in the hall! Thick as a Brick is a masterpiece and that’s just a tip of their creative iceberg. Ian Anderson is a composer on the level of the all time greats, I’m talking Mozart, Beethoven, Bach … wake up R&R Hall people. KISS makes it before Tull give me a break!

  70. jayne doniger says:

    I dont even see Lou Reed on the list. Yes, Velvet Underground is in but Lou’s solo career spanned decades and was a huge influence on many artists today.

  71. Gary Macdonald says:

    Why has she not. been inducted yet?
    She deserves to be inducted now!

  72. Tamara Roush says:

    JOURNEY, (WITH STEVE PERRY), should have been inducted MANY YEARS AGO!!! Thank You!!!

  73. Matthew Alfa says:

    Linda Ronstadt is a major slight. Obviously many bands: Scorpions is an abomination of epic proportions. I rate the scorpions top 5 or top 10. Others I like: Judas Priest(Metal Gods), Deep Purple, Chicago, Journey, and Def Lepard. Many good artists have been overlooked. Certain pop acts should not be in and rap acts but as Abba fan there induction was warranted.

  74. Thomas Fiore says:

    You guys are the biggest joke and a disgrace to the music industry. Again a big screw you to iconic bands like Deep Purple and Yes. Get your heads out of your asses.

  75. Kent Barclay says:

    Again… no Jethro Tull, what the hell is going on here!!! Gimme a break.

  76. Tom Cappa says:

    for cryin out loud….if the RR HOF dorks don’t think Motley Crue should be in then they are really ignorant to what the Crue has accomplished from 1980-present day

  77. says:

    You mo’ fo’s that voted for hendrix should include the tull.

  78. says:

    wtf. Tull is better than anything today.

  79. says:

    tip toe around this …. tull should be in.

  80. says:

    just like bad company should be in (Paul Rodger twice) Vocals on Bad Co. and Free, and Queen. WTF

  81. Barton says:

    Just can’t understand why DEF LEPPARD have not be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They remain a powerful force with millions of fans worldwide. Their catalog of classic songs have stood the test of time, and they continue to tour and produce new material. They will always be an integral part of rock and roll history.

  82. Darren Binion says:

    People, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is not just for rock, it’s for all facets of music. From rock to pop to folk to r&b to rap to country. I think that the groups who are in and are being inducted has to have sold records and have songs that people can groove to. So it doesn’t matter who gets in, just as long as they’re good.

  83. Darren Binion says:


  84. Mike Perry says:

    Chicago is one of the best bands of all time and their exclusion is a shame.

  85. Sarah Berg says:

    Def Leppard!! Best Band EVER!!!

    • Darrin says:

      Sarah, you’re absolutely right! They ARE the best band ever! I am a 42 year old concert virgin. I’ll be going to my first ever concert this summer! And who will I be going to see? You got it, my favorite band of all time! DEF LEPPARD! SO stoked!!

  86. Darrin says:

    I have seen the lists of some of the recently inducted groups and it’s downright shameful! I won’t single any bands out or discredit them, but if you look through the list of bands that have gotten in lately, you’d scream (as I did), “WHAT?? How the Hell did THEY get in, and Def Leppard is still being snubbed”??? It blows my mind! There’s absolutely NO good reason for it!! KISS has finally been given their due, now let’s get Def Leppard in there!!

  87. RaiderDave says:

    Ask most bands today who was the most influential bands growing up IT WAS THE CURE!!!!!!!
    they lasted past the punk era through the goth era, through silly songs of the 80′s to make there master pieces in late 80′s and early 90′s. Still sell out concerts around the world!!

  88. Rav says:

    I am completely shocked that Stevie Ray Vaughan the late greatest Blues singer/guitarist was never inducted!! He was so amazing! With how much he achieved in the short period of time he had on this earth who knows what he could of achieved if he had lived!

  89. Steven Dwyer says:

    the CARS need to go in now!

  90. Joe Francis says:

    YES, YES, YES!!! You got to be kidding your self’s that they aren’t one of the most innovative groups in history!

  91. The Ripper says:

    Names I feel are missing from the petition’s top 40 list:

    Grand Funk Railroad
    Pearl Jam
    Jethro Tull
    Alice in Chains
    Ronnie James Dio (solo or for the influence he brought Sabbath and Rainbow which propelled those bands to new heights)
    Bad Company
    Doobie Brothers
    Ten Years After/Alvin Lee (his influence on guitarists is paramount!)

  92. Sherry Rounkles says:

    Def Leppard, Pat Benatar, Chicago, Journey, Yes, Foreigner, Deep Purple, Duran Duran, B-52s, Neil Sedaka!!!

  93. F Carrillo says:

    Having either seen these bands, party with them, or know them personally they deserve credit for the work they produced.

  94. Darrell Clark says:


  95. Chris Chapello says:

    Why isn’t Deep Purple in yet? Atrocity to all mankind that they are not in the Rock Hall. put 50 bands in a year for the next 100 years and you STILL won’t be caught up!

  96. Kyle Groves says:


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