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The Rock Hall is continually behind in inductions and the times. As of now thousands of bands and fan favorites, still being played on the radio are not inducted. Its time us, the fans that support them, sign this petition to get these bands  inducted.

“We the People of the Rock and Roll Capitol of the World and the fans of Rock all over the world hereby decree…
We want The Bands in our Rock Hall Immediately”


Leave a comment below to sign the petition!  Let your voice be heard!!!

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  1. Carla Bley
    Tom Lehrer
    Todd Rundgren
    The Monkees
    The Flaming Lips
    They Might Be Giants
    Suzanne Vega
    The Pet Shop Boys
    Cliff Richard & The Shadows
    Three Dog Night
    Captain Beefheart
    Harry Nilsson
    The Runaways
    The Platters
    Link Wray
    The MC5

  2. Where is Kansas?? Is our Wayward Son just Dust in the Wind!!
    Get on board with the great prog rockers from the Midwest.

    Ron And Larry from the great state of KANSAS.

  3. I’m telling you now:
    – Jethro Tull
    – Grand Funk Railroad
    – Pat Benatar / Neil Giraldo
    – The Guess Who
    – Cool and The Gang
    – The Pointer Sisters
    – Dick Dale
    No particular order, these artists all need be put in. Now nominate them already for sure.

  4. The rock and roll hall of fame is a shame. In 50 years will people listen to “YES” or will people be listening to Sublime? 21 years have passed and I hear sublime’s hits all over the radio… I don’t even know who YES is… Yet they are in the hall.. There are hundreds of names I’ve never heard of nor have I heard there songs. So, if they are no longer played on the air waves, nobody knows who they are nor what songs they played.. are they truly meant to be there? There are some legends people need to read up on but some bands in the hall just suck and are clearly never meant to be there.

  5. Timothy Reimer

    All 40 need to be in the hall, Hall also fix you Early Influences category

    Why these legends not in

    Scott Joplin
    W.C. Handy
    The Carter Family
    Samantha Bumgarner
    Sons of the Pioneers
    Tampa Red
    Roy Rogers
    Harry Belafonte
    Al Jolson
    Blind Lemon Jefferson
    Blind Roosevelt Graves
    Uncle Dave Macon
    Irving Berlin
    Fiddling John Carson
    Mississippi John Hurt
    Cab Calloway
    Peerless Quartette

    how ignorant are you guys that none these are in, then again, if Motörhead is not in, then whats the chance of the Peerless Quartette, Irving Berlin, Samantha Bumgarner or The Carter Family getting in, Hall get your self together and give Judas Priest and everyone else a spot.

  6. wheres j. geils band, marshall tucker band, thin lizzy, the cars, robert palmer, and todd rundgren this is true account rock greats that should be in hall fame . just name some that are better than these guys ok i may forgotten few names such as bad company and the guess who but not many names/bands that high on any ones list .

  7. where’s joe cocker!?!!!

  8. I wonder about the sanity of the voters for the RRHOF. The PUBLIC would like to see the Moody Blues, the Doobie Brothers, Three Dog Night, Tina Turner, Pat Benatar, the Cars.

  9. The Rock & Roll Hall of Shame…..they just don’t get it!

  10. Why has Lesley Gore not been inducted to The Hall of Fame? A gross oversite!!!!

  11. Please induct these guys while they are still around to enjoy the accolades. Or knighthood for Justin. Come on, great music, still touring, no scandals and married 40+years to their wives. Ray is not well and it wud B nice 4 him to see this even if he might not be able to travel to Hall 4 acceptance. Luv, luv, luv their music. It stands the test of time.

  12. Pat Benatar and Iron Maiden should already be in the RRHF. This is an injustice that needs to be corrected asap.

  13. I can’t believe someone like Grand master Flash is in the hall ? and The list of truly great over looked artists is staggering ,One’s who actually made and continue to make a musical contribution to the world. Hey Hall get with it bring some of these folks in. Grand Funk, journey, foreigner ,toto ,kansas ,ELO, BOC, the list should make you ashamed…. Grand Funk sold out shy stadium quicker than the Beatles… All those bands have had hit after hit …

  14. The Cars, Moody Blues, Foreigner, Iron Maiden, King Crimson, Pat Benetar are just a few that should be in the hall RIGHT NOW. I am a huge Rush fan and they took too long to put them in RnR Hall. But at least they got it right with them. Now get it right for these few.

  15. I can’t believe Pat Benetar is not inducted, also The Moody Blues. Not really Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with out them.

  16. Styx is one of the best bands from Illinois and not including them is B***S***

  17. Pat Benatar. An original, an absolute classic, an undeniable talent!

  18. It is long overdue for Grank Funk Railroad to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Frame . Do the right thing !!!!!!!!! They were the band of the 70’s

  19. In what universe does Jay Geils get nominated before the Moody Blues do? There are some

  20. The Moody Blues

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