The Bands

Groups or individuals are qualified for induction 25 years after the release of their first record. Nominees should have demonstrable  influence and significance within the history of rock and roll.

Four categories are recognized (as of 2000):

  • Performers
  • Non-Performers
  • Early Influences
  • Sidemen

With that we propose the following list that absolutely, positively should be a part of the Rock Hall.

  1. Deep Purple Smoke On The WaterDeep Purple
    Every kid who picks up a guitar learns the opening riff to “Smoke on the Water.” But there’s a lot more to these hard-rocking Brits than that. One of the great guitar-rock bands of all time. They are the biggest influential band of hard rock in the world AND one of the cornerstones of Heavy Metal.
  2. The Moody Blues
    Probably the most overlooked band on the list.  Rock Hall voters seem to have a thing against progressive rock. There’s no doubting their credentials.  They are a huge influence of many already in the rock hall and on this list. A story to break on Sept. 11th 2001 was on why the Moodys have been overlooked but the story was scrapped due to a horrible day of news and history. Millions of fans have waited years to see them inducted. They have been inducted almost everywhere else and won numerous awards. Still touring to sold out shows all over the world and their songs are still played on radio, in TV shows and movies.
  3. The Raspberries
    Eric Carmen and the boys burned hot and bright in their short time together and left us some of the best  pop-rock music ever. Besides, Bruce Springsteen thinks they should be inducted into the Rock Hall, and who are we to argue with The Boss?  Wally Bryson is an influence to Slash from Nominated Guns and Roses .
  4. Duran Duran
    One of the most award winning and fashionable bands of the 80′s. I actually thought they were in already because they so deserve an induction that I left them off the top 40. This band can’t be overlooked and therefore added onto the bonus tracks. They also have a website for induction:
  5. Weird AlWeird Al Yankovic
    The leader of rock parody and always on the cutting edge of pop music this icon cannot be overlooked.  Since 1979, “Weird Al” Yankovic has carved a unique career as rock and roll’s premier satirist. Weird Al has created and solidified his own essential niche in rock music, and it’s high time he be honored.  He also has his own induction site here:
  6. Todd Rundgren
    He was a classic-rock superstar with hits like “Hello It’s Me,” “I Saw the Light” and “Bang the Drum All Day.” But he gets our vote for constantly re-inventing himself over the years as an artist and producer.
  7. The Runaways
    The Runaways are one of the first all female bands and has had a HUGE influence on most modern female (and male) bands to come along since. The members such as Joan Jett and Lita Ford have gone on to have long successful careers, along with the other members. Major motion pictures and documentaries have been made about them. They are still currently being played on radio.
  8. Judas Priest
    The head of the class of the NWOBHM and the originators of the 2 guitar attack. Every Metal Band has them to thank for the creating of the Heavy Metal wardrobe. 42 years of heavy hitting rock, selling over 40 million albums, these  Grammy winners should be in and without Priest there would be no Metallica.
  9. Iron Maiden
    For 35 years the leader in Heavy Metal outselling ALL metal bands including Hall of Famers Metallicca. They continue to sell out venues worldwide and have a huge fanbase.
  10. The Smiths
    Morrissey and Johnny Maher were smart, enigmatic and fun and the music they created helped lay the groundwork for independent music and alternative rock in the 1980s and ’90s.
  11. Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
    How is one of rock’s great guitar gods not in the Hall of Fame? Beats me.
  12. Jimmy BuffettJimmy Buffett
    No matter what the critics say, Buffett’s creative output over the past 40 years dwarfs many current Rock Hall inductees. He’s the real thing, but I suspect the Rock Hall induction panel just can’t get past the Parrothead thing.
  13. Warren Zevon
    Dark, demented and entertaining as hell. One of rock’s great musical storytellers.
  14. SugarHill Gang
    Founders of Hip Hop and Rap. This pioneering group inaugurated the recorded history of rap music with their single “Rapper’s Delight”, a multi-platinum seller in 1979. First Rap to appear on America Bandstand.
  15. ELO, Electric Light Orchestra
    From the mid 70-s to the mid 80′s this orchestrated rock fusion band had the most Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 hits of any band in US chart history, and influenced many artists.
  16. The Zombies
    This British invasion group had a string of top 40 hits and lead by Rod Argent who went on to form the band Argent and tour with Ringos Starrs all Starr band.
  17. ACCEPT
    German Heavy Metal Band that played an important role in the development of Speed Metal, directly influencing bands like Metallica. They have sold millions of albums worldwide and are still recording and touring to this day. A favorite of Guitar Hero and many of their songs are featured in movies and TV shows.
  18. Saxon
    Part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal they are one of Europes biggest acts, also having singles in the US, Japan and other countries in the world.
  19. ScorpionsScorpions
    German Heavy Metal Rockers have sold over 100 million albums worldwide. They have performed all over the world including Soviet Russia. The songs are always well written and they have received many awards worldwide. A major player in Guitar hero their songs will live on well into the future. Lets Rock them like a Hurricane into the Rock Hall.
  20. SWEET
    British Glam Rockers had over a decade of hits all over the world and continually are played on radio today. Many hits are still being covered and used in many hit movies. The influence of this band is immeasurable and their induction is long overdue.
  21. Slade
    English Hard Rock / Glam band whose hits are still being copied and songs still played on the radio.
  22. Thin Lizzy
    Major international Rock Band whose hits still played regularly on hard rock and Classic Rock radio stations.
  23. Peter Frampton
    In Movies and on radio, Frampton came alive and never stopped. One of Rocks greatest writers/guitarists and producers. Shoulda been in long ago.
  24. Journey
    From Radio to Glee you can’t escape the sounds and influences of Journey. Their worldwide sales have reached over 80 million albums. A 2005 USA Today opinion poll named Journey the fifth best American rock band in history.
  25. Def LeppardDef Leppard
    One of the world’s best-selling music artists, Def Leppard have sold more than 65 million albums worldwide. They are one of only five rock bands with two original studio albums selling over 10 million copies in the U.S.
  26. The Replacements
    Post-punk poets from Minneapolis blazed the trail for every alternative-rock band to come along since. Gets my vote on the strength of “Here Comes a Regular” alone.
  27. Toto
    Awarded several Grammy awards and in the Musicians hall of fame this band has always been around selling millions of albums.
  28. The B-52s
    New Wave innovators from Athens, Ga. “Love Shack” baby!
  29. Joan Baez
    Yes, yes, she’s the ultimate folkie. But she personifies protest music, and she was Bob Dylan’s muse.
  30. Pat Benatar
    A tiny ball of rock ‘n’ roll dynamite with one of the biggest voices ever. Her songs are still a mainstay on radio and shes a huge influence of many a female rocker.
  31. The Cars
    Yeah, we got tired of hearing their songs on classic-rock radio, too. But that shouldn’t stop us from inducting this quirky, creative outfit.
  32. Cheap TrickCheap Trick
    Pop with a pinch of punk, delivered with party-down abandon. “Surrender” is a rock classic. Mommy’s all right! Daddy’s all right! They just seem a little weird!
  33. Joe Cocker
    Dude was at Woodstock. One of rock’s great interpreters. His gritty rendition of “With a Little Help From My Friends” is more memorable than the Beatles’ original. And his cover of Randy Newman’s “You Can Leave Your Hat On” is a bona fide classic.
  34. T. Rex
    Marc Bolan & Company were instrumental in the development of glam rock in the 1970s. Bowie got his Rock Hall due. Give T. Rex its props, too.
  35. Devo
    Are we not men worthy of Rock Hall fame? These guys were one-of-a-kind, and amongst the great innovators in rock history.
  36. The Guess Who
    “American Woman,” “These Eyes,” “No Sugar Tonight.” One of the great ’60s pop-rock outfits.
  37. J. Geils Band
    Who doesn’t know their song centerfold? Nominated once for the 2010 inductions, they were snubbed. The wooba gooba with the green teeth, needs to be let in.
  38. Los Lobos
    Their cover of Ritchie Valens’ “La Bamba” put them on the commercial map. But these L.A. rockers are a creative force in their own right and one of the best live bands in rock.
  39. YES
    Highly regarded as one of the archetypal bands and pioneers of the progressive genre, and have survived multiple trends within popular music. Previously considered in 2001 they were snubbed and never nominated again.
  40. Chicago
    Are you kidding me? They aren’t in yet? The leading US singles charting group during the 1970s and have sold over 38 million units in the US. Even Little Nicky thinks they are cool.

Bonus Tracks!!!

  1. Twister SisterTwisted Sister
    I don’t know anyone who has not heard of their well-known hits Were Not Gonna Take It and I Wanna Rock.
    Dee Snider should be in the Rock Hall because he testified against the PMRC alone! (Along with John Denver and Frank Zappa)
    Majorly Influential since 1975 this band is considered to be one Rocks most creative masters of lyrics for the  Rock/New Wave and hard rock genre.  Still touring the band has survived to this day.
  3. Uriah Heap
    One the most influential bands of the 4 cornerstones of Heavy Metal and an AOR radio favorite. They have been an influence to many progressive rock bands and vocalists. Their induction cannot be overlooked.
  4. UFO
    Heavy British Rock Band with many influential members, this band cannot be overlooked or its “lights out”.  The Band continues to this day to release critically acclaimed albums.
  5. Leslie Gore
    At just 17 she had iconic hits like It’s My Party and You Don’t Own Me.  Her songs have been trailblazing for women in Rock.  She’s way overdue for induction.
  6. Chubby Checker
    The “Godfather of the Twist”, Chubby Checker’s The Twist is the biggest chart hit of all time! He is still touring and recording. In June of 2014 Chubby said he would like to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame while he is still smiling.  Chubby Checker Wants To Be Inducted Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame… Now
  7. Motley CrueMotley Crue
    Hard living band since 1981 that continues to influence Rock and Roll today with radio and reality shows. Everyone from babies to Grannies know this band.
  8. The Monkees
    Who can’t resist loving the TV band that made many top 40 songs from the late 60′s?  These guys still influence lids to this day.  Still alive, still touring, still major producers in the business.
  9. Kate Bush
    A major influence of many women singers in Rock and Roll.  Her HUGE voice first hit in 1978 topping the european charts and even tially making her way in the US.  Her songs have been endlessly covered from Pat Benetar to Placebo.
  10. Blue Oyster Cult
    This Rock band sold out stadiums, and still sells shows out to this day.  BOC started in 1967 and had chart toppers throughout the 70s and into the 80′s.  Induct them before Godzilla comes out of Lake Erie for you.

Responses to “The Bands”

  1. T Gunn says:

    ALOT already in are NOT Rock. Period. Maddona, ANY rap at all. Smiths? Depeche? BS. Next thing youknow it will be Flock of Seagulls. Having grown up in the main era of Rock, AOR RADIO, alot of inductees and suggested inductees mentioned here were never considered Rock by even their most rabid fans or even the bands themselves. Most of bands talked about, that did not feature driving hard drums and ALOT of solid guitar work with versatile vocalists should be a type of popular music hall. As yet to be founded. Rock isn’t soul, no matter the root. Disco is an abomination. Punk is junk. I agree Chicago has Rock merit but just so. They are incredible but Rock is defined. You wouldn’t put Van Halen, Kiss, Scorpions and Def Lep on same bill as Chicago, Aretha, B52s, Culture Club and Cyndi Lauper. The “Hall of Shame” is a jumble of bullshit AT BEST. Alot of “artsy” bands don’t have any MOJO and Maddona is ALL MTV and zero voice as are many from the 80s. Grunge? Its what a band is supposed to sound like BEFORE they leave the garage. Rap? Dirty, racist nursery rhymes. Electronic music? Someone doesn’t understand ROCK.

  2. Les says:

    You left off Bad Company, Boston, Doobie Brothers, Foreigner, Hall & Oats, Jim Croce, Linda Ronstadt, Steppenwolf, Steve Miller Band, Supertramp, War & Yes. And if Hank & Johnny Cash can make it in, why not Willie & Merle?

  3. C Wheat says:

    Rush (who is finally being inducted in 2013), Kiss, Def Leppard, and Iron Maiden should be no brainers to have inducted. The bands they’ve influenced, their album sales, and their fan base should speak for itself. Especially compared to some of the choices they have already added. Metallica before those, really??

    A band I haven’t noticed on this list and should be included as well is Styx. My reasoning behind it is not only the talent the band has, but the ideas they tried by mixing rock and theater. The entire “killroy was here” tour is a perfect example of it. Even without that, they had enough hits to be considered. Come Sail Away, Mr. Roboto, Babe, The Best of Times, Too Much Time on My Hands, and Show Me the Way. As quoted on Wikipedia: “The band has four consecutive albums certified multi-platinum by the RIAA.[1] as well as sixteen top 40 singles in the US.” Just my 2 cents though as they were a very influential band for me while growing up along with many others already on that list.

  4. Steve Perry55 says:

    Why not Journey?

  5. Pete says:

    Um… Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Misfits? did we just kind of forget the whole 2nd freaking half of Punk Rock?

  6. walt C. says:

    Forgetting the Dire Straits

  7. H. Ward Miller says:

    I would think that WAR is missing. If history has something ro do with it, when the US astronauts and the Russians hooked up is space in the70′s NASA pipped “Why Can’t WE
    Be Friends” all over the world.
    Besides, I designed and Illustrated their first 4 album covers.

  8. Goody says:

    D O O B I E B R O T H E R S !!! Really they are not in??

  9. Scott Prinzing says:

    I think about half of these bands should be shoo-ins. My list may be different than the next one, but I think the arguments for at least getting on the ballot are strong for all of these folks. I’m glad that they let the public weigh in, but I think the percentage for the public vote should be higher.

    So, here’s my Top 10 from the above list (in alphabetical order):
    1. Cheap Trick
    2. Deep Purple
    3. Iron Maiden
    4. Judas Priest
    5. KISS
    6. The Monkees
    7. The Runaways
    8. Thin Lizzy
    9. Stevie Ray Vaughan
    10. Yes

    I’m really rooting for Link Ray this year, though!

  10. NoWayJose says:

    The RRHoF has ZERO CREDIBILITY as in institution. ZERO. It’s simply a road side attraction / business venture headed by Jan Wenner, head of Rolling Stone magazine.

    They inducted “Grand Master Flash” who is not “Rock” in any way, shape or form and never had a hit make it into the top 10… let alone an album.

    Public Enemy? Seriously? Can you name one song they are famous for? Neither can anyone else.

    Madonna? LOL!


    The more people DEMAND decent ROCK groups be inducted into this JOKE of a private music club, the more unwarranted attention the RRHoF gets. They are already becoming a shop/business that is famous for the same reasons as many of the “artists” they “induct”.

    They are famous for being famous…


  11. Darren Binion says:

    Finally, I get to speak my mind. Yes there are a lot of bands that deserve this honor, but when these bands are not already inducted, you start to think, when will they be acknowledged. Well, my list include:
    Duran Duran
    Deep Purple
    Cheap Trick
    Pat Benetar
    Joan Jett
    REO Speedwagon
    Def Lepperd
    Just to name a few. I’ve been somewhat out of the loop, maybe some of these groups are already in, but I’ll cast my vote for each and every one of these groups cause they put the time in and they’re still putting the time in. It’s time for these groups to finally be recognized!!!

  12. Dale Swan says:

    What about the Sir Douglas Quintet, the Moody Blues, and the Doobie Brothers?

  13. The Ripper says:

    I can agree with most of the current list of 40 bands. Chicago should absolutely be at the top, I am disgusted that they are not already in.

    Names I feel are missing:

    Grand Funk Railroad
    Pearl Jam
    Jethro Tull
    Alice in Chains
    Ronnie James Dio (solo or for the influence he brought Sabbath and Rainbow which propelled those bands to new heights)

  14. The Ripper says:

    OH, yeah….and STYX.

  15. The Ripper says:

    I disagree with Los Lobos. HOF for a cover, I don’t think so
    Slade, nah
    I’m a metalhead and love Saxon, they were pioneers but weren’t groundbreaking

    I think Tom Morello had it right in KISS’s induction speech: Impact, influence, and awesomeness.

  16. Biff says:

    How about Little Feat ? I agree with Chicago, Moody Blues and Todd Rundgren. Lowell George and the Boys deserve SOME credit !

  17. Mark says:

    I agree with your additions. I think ELP (Emerson, Lake, and Palmer) should be included. I can’t believe so many of the great bands with very talented musicians are not included. I think so many of the choices that are included are “fadish.” Kurt Colbain or whatever his name was…. a member of Nirvana. There is no way he had the affect and musical talent of most of your list. Just because he represents a culture of self-pity doesn’t mean he should be admitted before all the truly deserving bands that were snubbed. I don’t get it at all. Look at Jeff Lynne from ELO and Traveling Wilbury’s.. What a talented musician and he’s not in????? Just crazy… It is a popularity thing based on OPINIONS not any relevant criterian…It just makes me sick.

  18. Paul says:

    @Alexia I think Depeche Mode have always been far superior to The Cure but i dont think they’ve ever been ripped off by them. Strange opinion. Two very different bands and both should be in the hall of fame by now.

    As for Duran Duran? I’m not so sure, they were very popular yes but i dont think they were very influential.

  19. Sheena Stewart says:


  20. James Moses says:

    … least three-quarters of your list (in particular the Monkees, who impacted popular culture EVERY bit as much as the Beatles in key aspects; Kansas, Styx – for the entirely valid reasons noted in Comments; Chicago, Journey, possibly REO, if for Richrath’s psychotically deft lead lines) I COULDN’T agree with more – but as much as Duran deserves to be inducted, ROXY does TENFOLD; THE ensemble that had an ENORMOUS impact on New Wave, sounded like NOBODY else…..have been lobbying for The Sweet over a decade now – Andy Scott is the FATHER of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal – and though it won’t EVER happen, would be elated to see ANOTHER band very much impacting Eighties musical trends, Gary Glitter’s former backing combo, who made some of the Seventies’ most distinctive songs and, along with the Rollers, really got the nostalgia kick going after Mott (who ALSO should be inducted…..) and I’d even place SPARKS in that mix, TOO. To this list I would add Dan Fogelberg, in my opinion a much better songwriter than his friend Jackson Browne and a CRIMINALLY underrated guitarist… the realm of soul and funk still yet to be suitably recognized, I’d advocate for both The Dramatics and Eddie Kendricks (even over Ruffin, by a bit) and the Commodores, as well as the Spinners and Stylistics, with Thom Bell & Linda Creed as the primary architects for ‘TSOP’, then Gamble & Huff. Finally, while Joan and the Runaways DO merit consideration themselves, it AMAZES me that the woman who almost singlehandedly picked up the torch from Joplin and was indisputably Jett’s TEMPLATE, Suzi Quatro, hasn’t EVER been nominated despite having sold over 50 million records worldwide (unfortunately, not ENOUGH of them in America…..) I’d strongly argue Three Dog Night, the Grass Roots (holding a record which will NEVER be broken, 6 straight YEARS of Top 40 presence)Tommy James & The Shondells, and the Turtles, ALL of whom have their present inductees as champions, should be admitted ASAP. Lastly, it would be nice to see both Big Star and Badfinger in, as they both made their own considerable impact on popular music for decades afterwards, not to mention QUEENSRYCHE…..oh yeah: the Cure? B-52′s? PLEASE, no…..Depeche, definitely deserves to be though I’m not really a big fans of theirs…..

    • James Moses says:

      … for the Scorps, HELL yeah; with 4 of the best axemen that ever picked up a guitar (to wit Michael & Rudy, Uli and Matthias) and a HUGE body of provocative (not JUST titillating; Taken By Force and Virgin Killer, have a lot to say in some numbers)work, most especially Animal Magnetism, one of the best hard rock albums ever made…..

  21. dio fan says:

    Dio is greater than anybody on this list. Best vocalist of all time.

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