Rock Snubs – An eminent domain petition…

The Goal is to get 40 bands (and 4 bonus) that keep getting snubbed into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The petition is for Rock Fans to pull together and get not only these bands recognized but to get awareness to the Rock Hall that they need to be inducting MORE every year.

Please sign the petition, pass this on, post to social and music sites, and put on comments to and videos or the band sites themselves. United we stand as Rock Fans to get our bands in. Most of these bands are way over due!

Cleveland - Birthplace Of Rock N Roll



  2. Don’t forget Mountain as well as Rick Derringer and W.A.S.P.!

  3. Def Leppard is an awesome band and they have been Snubbed for way too long and should have been in the Hall of Fame years ago. It is time to stop ignoring them and finally put them where they so deserve to be…in the Hall of Fame.

  4. Mott the Hoople, and while we are on that Ian Hunter (one of the best songwriters out there) and Mick Ronson for the sideman category….he played and arranged for so many people and has yet to be recognized.

    • Defininitely Ian Hunter & Mott! & Mick Ronson also had a solo career! He played with David Bowie, Ian Hunter & Bob Dylan just off of the top of my head! He is criminally underrated, & I miss him to death!

  5. Kiss,Maiden,Leppard ALL deserve to be in there. They all pioneered, in one way or another, their genre of music.Maiden-musicianship in my opinion, Def Leppard and their use of video’s(one of the first videos ever on MTV), KISS-makeup & stage shows.

  6. my 4 favorite musicians off all time aren’t even in the rock hall and they damn well deserve to be in it. Stevie Ray Vaghaun, Rory Gallagher, Grand Funk Railroad, and Jimmy Buffett are legends

  7. All I have to say is the moody blues!! They’re very unique!!

  8. Many, many more could be added to this list. The New York Dolls, for instance, laid the groundwork for the development of Hall of Fame inductees The Ramones and The Talking Heads. King Crimson is another that comes to mind, having provided major inspiration to major prog rock forces such as Genesis (inducted) and Yes (not inducted) as well as future Hall-of-Famers like Nirvana. I hope to see more diversity in the nominees in years to come and nods to artists who have truly inspired entire genres.

  9. Steppenwolf long overdue !! Tommy James/Shondells, Paul Revere/Raiders and the Monkees among others.

  10. Where is PETER FRAMPTON? Not only did he have the ‘phenomenal’ Frampton Comes Alive in 1975, he has since won a grammy for Fingerprints, an instrumental album showcasing his guitar versatility to cross into other guitar styles which has earned him the respect amongst his peers. At age 60 the man has shown he has not slowed down, nor given in to his own nostalgia by continually progressing his art, to follow it up in 2010 with Thank You Mr Churchill. In 2011 he commenced his Frampton Comes Alive 35 World Tour, which is continuing into 2012 and coincides with the 40th Anniversary of Humble Pie’s Rockin’ the Fillmore. Let’s also not forget his charity work, the Framptone, and his contribution to the music industry in general. The man ‘IS’ a Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. He’s played beside some of the best artists out there since the 60s. He’s earned his dues and I don’t know why he isn’t in the R’n’R Hall of Fame already, and why he isn’t on your list either. Stick Peter on the list! He has nearly 600,000 fans from all over the world on Facebook that agree with me.

    • I totally agree also. Frampton Comes Alive correct me if i’m wrong is still the biggest selling live album of all time. He’s an awesome guitarist, and deserves to be in.

  11. rush,kiss,def leppard,iron maiden judas priest all hard rock pioneers

  12. Here is my list based on impact to the rock community… I’m sick of the Hall of Shames devotion to anything that Rolling Stone tries to tell us is cool.
    in no particular order and agreeing with a lot of the above posters.

    Iron Maiden
    Rick Derringer
    Deep Purple
    Thin Lizzy
    The New York Dolls
    Stevie Ray Vaughn
    Ronnie James Dio
    Frank Zappa
    Jethro Tull

  13. Peter Frampton, Joe Walsh, Steppenwolf, King Crimson – the list goes on and on.
    How can u induct people who openly say that “insert band here” is a major influence and not induct that band when the names constantly come up. Deep Purple – come on!!!

  14. Judas Priest before Iron Maiden, Deep Purple should obviously be in there too, and yes The Moody Blues!

  15. Well, we think that Duran Duran deserves their spot in the hall, along with the other amazing bands mentioned here on this site. If you think so to, please visit us and sign our petition as well at We have a commmunity on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Youtube.
    The other great thing about our effort? We started in Cleveland, home of the Rock Hall!
    Thanks! Kirk Harrington

  16. Connie Francis is so long overdue I’m not even sure if she’s still alive!

    The tragic suicide of Bob Welch, member of Fleetwood Mac might light a fire under the panel that snubs potential inductees right and left.

    Maybe people should stop going to the Rock Hall because the acts they believe should be there are not.

    A picket line in front of the hall wouldn’t hurt. Then maybe the hall director and the induction panel might get it. I’m not holding my breath though.

    • Connie’s still alive!!! She finds it hard to be in public after all of the trauma she was subjected to, but still performs & records whenever possible! She’s way overdue!

  17. SLADE MUST BE IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 LETS GET THEM IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I hear this many times, but Procol Harum DESERVES the nod for this year, they formed a Baroque-Rock Band that spanned other bands…If it wasn’t for Procol Harum, Queen, Styx, nor ELO would be around!

    Also, Chicago deserves the nod…they formed Jazz-Rock even before Steely Dan or EWF.

    And for The Ahmet Etgurn Award…Frank Sinatra and Ed Sullivan! Sinatra formed Reprise Records which gave artists more creativity and Ed Sullivan gave Rock Music to the Masses!

  19. Grand Funk RailRoad….Desereves and belongs in the Hall and the Hall Knknows it. Don’t Penalize the members for what Terry Knight did by keeping the Boys from the Media!!!!!!!Knight has Passed onNbut GFR lives on. Do the right thing. GFR has more than paid there due’s and was one of the first American Heay Metal bands that broke through when all the media wanted was the British bands!!! The Hall knows what is right so do it!!!!! Mike form Rochester NY.

  20. Agreed! I signed a petition! What did Terry Knight do?

  21. I’m pushing for a Janet Jackson nomination. She’s definitely induction-worthy and has been snubbed, too.

    • if Donna Summer and Madonna are in, Janet Jackson is definitely worth a look. Janet was the top Pop/R&B female in the 80’s and 90’s. She deserves a nomination from Rhythm Nation 1814 alone probably.

  22. therealwrestlinggenius

    Weird Al Yankovitch
    put him in
    you Canadian idiots

  23. Moody Blues, Tommy James & Shondells, Petula Clark, Paul Revere & Raiders, The Turtles, Chicago, and The Monkees all need serious consideration. NO MORE RAP ACTS!

  24. Donna Summer , maddona , Janet jackson? Set up a r&b or pop hall of fame. I think all inductees should be offered a bat to eat before they are inducted and if they refuse they should be kicked out. Slade and the Jam forever

  25. I’d have to agree about Janet Jackson. They can’t really continue to snub her for much longer.

    Also pushing for The Cure and Depeche Mode.

    • Can’t say I agree that Janet is “rock & roll” but that comes back to my argument against acts like her brother, Linda Ronstadt and a slew of others that I don’t consider “rock”.

      As long as the Rock Hall is putting in “music” acts, then yea, Janet definitely deserves to be in there.

  26. Why not Babe Ruth and Joe Namath and Calvin Coolidge too…they aren’t rock stars either. Seriously tho’ Joe Cocker? No Warren Zevon? No Little Feat? No Yes or Emerson Lake and Palmer? Madonna, Run DMC, Donna Summer really needed to be let in before all of them ? (and so many others?)

  27. How about Connie Francis. She is WAY past due. She has had some great hits and a difficult life. She deserves to be in the Rock Hall.

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